Lordegan synoptic station
This station is in the hot part of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiary province and is in the South. Length of the period of this station (synoptic data) is short and is equal to 10 years (1994-2003). Lordegan station is 1564 meters high and is the shortest station in this region. The code of this station is 40814 that are international numbers. Also four letters code of the station is CHSV and it is situated in 50 49' longitude and 31 31' latitude.
This station is in the hot region of the province and the average temperature during a year is up to 15.4 degrees. This is at the top in comparison an eight years statistics period is 41.6 degrees centigrade. The average of precipitation is 569.4 mm this is divided into 3 parts. 56 percent for winter. 26 percent for autumn and 29 percent for spring. Summer is quite dry a bout 72 days. Amount of freezing days is at the lowest, in comparison to the other synoptic stations in this province.
Tel: (382) 5222553
Address: Lordegan - at the end of 17 Th shahrivar street next to Manabei Tabiyi.
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